Best Wireless Earphone In India Under 2000

  • 15 hours of battery life.
  • 3 hours of charging time.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Light in weight.
  • 9mm driver unit.
  • Quick charge – 10 minutes can give 60 minutes of playtime.
Colour: Black

Best Wireless Earphone In India Under 2000

The Sony wi-200 wireless earphone is the best wireless earphone in India under 2000. If you have a budget under 2000 this earphone is best for you it has all the best features that an earphone under 2000 can have and the performance of the earphone is also quite well.

The earphone has 15 hours of battery life which is excellent most of the earphones have an average battery life of 6-12 hours but the sony wi-c200 has 15 hours of battery life which makes it the best wireless earphone in India under 2000.

An earphone with long battery life is mostly used for traveling purposes if you are searching for an earphone for traveling purposes then this earphone is best for that the long battery life can ensure to deliver music any time you want.

One of the pros about the earphone is the quick charge technology if you are in a hurry and the battery is dead then, just charge the earphone for 10 minutes and it can give you a battery life of 60 minutes. This feature helps you when you are driving you can charge the earphone for 10 minutes and can attend the important calls while driving.

Best Wireless Earphone In India Under 2000

The earphone has an in-built mic which helps you to take calls in situations like when you are driving or busy with something. The mic delivers HD sound quality to the other end of the person you are talking to.  The other person won’t make any complaints about the distorted sound unless and until your network is good.

The earphone uses a 9 mm driver unit which offers clear sound quality and magnetic housing and tangle-free cable for easy use.  The magnetic buds help to keep both the earbud together and when you are riding a bike while wearing the earphones the magnetic buds protect the earphone from flying off. The weight of the earphone is very light so that you can wear the earphone all day long. The earphone has a comfortable fit so that while wearing it you feel comfy.

There are 2 color options from which you can choose, the first one is black which looks great and the second one is White. The in-box things are a Charging cable, Earbuds 3 Units, Instruction Manual. All these amazing features of the earphone makes it the best wireless earphone in India under 2000.

The earbuds feature built-in magnets to attach to one another for tangle-free carrying and storage. The around-the-neck design is comfortable, lightweight, and keeps your headphones out of the way. Press the multi-function button twice and you’ll get instant access to Siri or Google Assistant.

When your battery runs low, just 10 minutes of charging gets you a full 60 minutes of playback. This means that even if you’re in a rush, you’ll soon be ready to get the music going again. If you have more time, you can charge the battery to full in just three hours.

Sony wi-200

The incredibly lightweight in-ear headphones come with a neckband design to ensure comfort and keep the headphones out, so the user can listen to music independently. Weighing in at 15g, the new headphones are perfectly designed to deliver a comfortable listening experience and last all day.

Those new headphones will make music more impressive and enjoyable. Headphones with 9mm driver units give a clear, punchy sound. Compact headphones can be easily stored in a bag. This is the best wireless earphone in India under 2000.

The magnetic housing cleverly allows headphones to attach hanging cables to the bay. Now charging your device has become very easy. All you have to do is connect the device with a Type-C cable and you can fully charge the battery in just three hours. Say goodbye to deceptive stars and enjoy impeccable, effortless auditions.